Figures EP

by Roxa & Tymekz

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An adult American Buddhist electronic/triphop producer and a teenage Indian Muslim MC meet online, combine their musical talents and come up with a unique raw melodic introspective insightful brand of hiphop.

Roxa and Tymekz present: the "FIGURES EP"

The theme of the EP is the transformation of a young man as reflected in his music.

A bonus is the great friendship that was made between the two artists. We'll be adding more songs to the EP as we continue to work together and thank you for listening and supporting original authentic art from the heart.


Lyric Video:


released July 16, 2013

Mohammed Natiq - Rap vocals, concepts, lyrics
John Russello - Hook vocals, lyrics, production, mixing/mastering



all rights reserved


Roxa New Delhi, India

Roxa or Natiq is a young, up and coming hip hop artist from New Delhi, India. Started rapping at a tender age of 11, Roxa has never stopped since 2009. Letting it all out of his mind while slaying rhymes is his sole purpose of making music.

Give his latest works a listen, feel free to drop your feedback and stay connected
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Track Name: Ambition
Verse: (Roxa)

Look I'm walking that
road with no support for my dreams and destination where I'm stopping at
'cause I come from a place where popping gats and wearing blings is what they call hip hop and rap
but still I gave my all in that
and kept paving paths
trying to hit a bigger spot
so why would i quit or stop?
i hear a big applause
every time i close my eyes
It's just a dream but to live it is my goal of life
So, my craft ain't ceasing till the day my heart is beating
'cause i came not just to win, but a mark I'm leaving
through this art I'm speaking, the aim is just to reach ya
came to speak my mind and i do it through ya speakers
and I'ma make it I'ma doer
Hip Hop be my geometry while I'm shaping up my future!

Chorus: (Tymekz)

We're on the path
Walking to the bridge spanning over mental traps
Streams of opinions swimming upstream - grasp
We just chill, let it be, no hand on the wheel - actions
Just skill and class
No future, no past
Beauty and the sadness move fast - we just chill
See moments unfold at will
The ambition of the present's task

It's and honor to light this fire
Sit down and share the warmth and light
Flames in our hearts - eyes flicker
Smoke floats up watch spirits rise

It's and honor to light this fire
Sit down and share the warmth and light
Flames in our hearts - eyes flicker
Smoke floats up watch spirits rise
Track Name: Quandary
Verse: (Roxa)

I get lectures by every man that I meet he
Be like “the competition is creaky
Study hard nowadays it aint easy
To have pockets cheesy with a hefty fee”
Maybe they’re right but I get pissed off
Whenever I listen this cause’
I’m addled, yeap music’s a passion
But here in this place all craves and aims of artists are mangled
So I’m confused, what to do?
Craft up rhymes or mug up books
Roxa’s like “You can’t give up, you’re meant to make songs”
Natiq says “ To live your dream, you don’t wanna shatter mom’s”
“You write about motivation, now where’s that shit gone”
“Fuck that, engineering is what you got to be on”
“But why? You’re really good at this rapping thing”
“Yea maybe, but your religion takes this as a sin”
“Sup dawg? You said you were a ‘doer’
Hip hop was your geometry, you were shaping up your future
Huh? don’t you wanna let em’ know who roxa is?
And don’t you wanna prove the ones who said you’re a flop amiss?”
Yes I do but “But what?”
I got responsibilities I cant run from “so?”
I’ll live up to my fam’s hope and give up on mine
But my love for this shit, that aint never gon’ die..

Chorus: (Tymekz)

It's a Quandary
Minds Wandering
Please Pardon These
Spirited Heart Beats

It's a Quandary
Some run from these
But I invite these
Examine Gracefully